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Looking for a Technical Partner to help you navigate the technology landscape? We build best-in-breed co-value based solutions that are aimed at providing convenience & value to both end users and businesses. Our unparalleled expertise that stretches across various industries and markets, makes us the best choice for businesses that are looking to transform and expand their digital offering. Technology has become imperative to businesses that want to retain a competitive edge.

Our Services

Software, Mobile & Product Development

At DigiManiaX, we specialize in software development services tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Our experienced team of developers and engineers are skilled in creating innovative & customized
software solutions. 

Data Center & Cloud Services

At DigiManiaX, we offer a comprehensive range of Data Center and Cloud Services sourced from our global network of partners. Whether you require Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Data Center Services, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or other X as a Service (XaaS) solutions, we have you covered. Our dedicated team and strategic partnerships ensure that you have access to cutting-edge technologies and reliable infrastructure. Explore our Data Center and Cloud Services below:

IT Consulting Services

At DigiManiaX, we offer a comprehensive range of IT services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From consulting services and IT services management to cybersecurity services and systems integration.

Emerging Technologies

DigiManiaX is at the forefront of emerging technologies, and we leverage our global network of innovative partners and a vibrant community of start-ups to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to your business needs. Explore our comprehensive offerings in the realm of emerging technologies:


At DigiManiaX, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of hardware solutions sourced from our extensive network of global partners. We understand the importance of partnering with leading manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the latest and most reliable technology.

Our Products

Loan Management System

Our loan management software can be used in any size of micro lending business, from small, single offices to big groups and even in banks. Our microfinance management software caters for any micro lending setup, from running your business centrally over the Internet or just managing your business locally in your office.

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Loan Application System

The DigiManiaX Loan Application System, aka, Digital Lending Platform is an end-to-end workflow based solution enhanced by user-friendly features designed for seamless corporate lending: it can easily handle any complex product or company structures. The applicants can easily apply for a loan online, their submissions are then accessed by back-office staff through the Portal for further processing.

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To address the changing needs of how we work, DigiManiaX created LetsWorx, a platform that is a dynamically expanding digital services marketplace dedicated to promoting the Gig Economy. The solution connects individuals and organizations looking for talent to meet their requirements by introducing them to a pool of freelancers for their projects.

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LetsWorx Academy

LetsWorx Academy aims to transform learning experience by availing an online platform that integrate learners and educators, businesses and governments globally, with a mandate to accelerate learning.

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Industries we Serve

At DigiManiaX, we are proud to serve a diverse range of emerging industries, partnering with innovative startups and forward-thinking organizations to drive technological advancements and deliver transformative solutions. Our community of collaborators, composed of experts and visionaries, enables us to stay at the forefront of these industries, pioneering breakthroughs that shape the future. Here are some of the key industries we specialize in:


In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial technology, we work
closely with fintech companies to develop cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, security, and user experience. Our collaborative efforts drive innovations in areas such as mobile payments, blockchain applications, robo-advisory platforms, and digital banking solutions.

Advanced Transportation

As transportation undergoes a revolution, our partnership with startups in the advanced transportation sector propels us to the forefront of this industry. We contribute to the development of autonomous vehicles, electric mobility solutions, intelligent transportation systems, and innovative logistics technologies, shaping the way people and goods move in the modern world.


The field of biotechnology presents immense potential for improving healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. Through collaboration with biotech startups, we contribute to breakthroughs in areas such as genetic engineering, personalized medicine, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, and agricultural biotechnology, aiming to positively impact lives and the environment.

Advanced Manufacturing

With a focus on advanced manufacturing technologies, we partner with startups to drive the next industrial revolution. Our collaboration spans areas such as additive manufacturing (3D printing), robotics and automation, digital twin technologies, industrial IoT, and data analytics. Together, we redefine production processes, optimize supply chains, and enable mass customization.


The future of agriculture lies in technological innovation, and we are dedicated to partnering with agritech startups to revolutionize farming practices. Our collaboration extends to precision agriculture, smart farming systems, drone technology for crop monitoring, automated irrigation systems, agricultural data analytics, and sustainable farming practices, contributing to increased productivity and environmental stewardship.


Environmental sustainability is a global priority, and our collaboration with greentech startups enables us to develop eco-friendly solutions. We work on projects related to renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, tidal), energy storage systems, smart grid solutions, sustainable materials, waste management, and circular economy initiatives, making a positive impact on the planet.

Why DigiManiaX?

We are undeniably one of the best companies that strives on innovation and best-in-breed technology to address business problems. Leveraging on some of the emerging tech stack that includes RPA (Robotic Process Automation), ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain we have created a few in-house products that are currently in the market, serving both consumer and business sectors.
As a “people” centered organization, we boast a team of highly talented, qualified, experienced, and passionate individuals that are ready to serve you. Some of our differentiating factors are below


We always strive to find Cost-Effective Solutions by Solving the Right Problem.
We focus on solving the right problem. We take time as a business to analyse and understand what the problem truly is. That gives us the information we need that sparks creative ideas to find more effective solutions.


We do not treat our customers with a “One size fits all” we always strive to provide a uniquely-tailored, real-time experience and solutions that meet our customer’s needs.

Agile & Equiped

Buy-in across teams and departments enables a seamless adoption. We work with your leaders and those most affected by adjustments i.e end-users of the system — your staff — to promote and sustain progress. This is achieved by placing well equipped resources to undertake a project.